Asbestos Inspections and Testing

According to the Surgeon General, the risk of inhaling asbestos fibers is of special concern for anyone in a position to disturb asbestos containing building materials (ACBM). E-Quest wants to keep you and your loved ones safe from serious, asbestos-related diseases like lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma.

Asbestos inspection and testing is an E-Quest specialty. With asbestos inspections now required for all demolition or renovation projects in most jurisdictions, E-Quest wants to simplify asbestos regulatory requirements for you and help ensure your projects are  asbestos-free. Our certified staff thoroughly inspects your projects and identifies ACBM and recommends reasonably-priced solutions to deal with any asbestos that may be discovered.s that may be found.

  • AHERA Certified
  • Colorado Certified Asbestos Inspector/Management Planner
  • Colorado Certified Asbestos Consulting Firm
  • Over 900 comprehensive asbestos inspections
  • Specializing in residential remodel and demolition projects
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Quick turnaround times (5 working days or less)
  • Concise and detailed reports with clear recommendations
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Solutions to regulatory questions

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