Recent Projects

E-Quest performs a range of environmental projects from large-scale mining work to private housing projects. Should you have any questions or like to discuss our capabilities relative to your project, please get in touch with us.

E-Quest has performed:

  • Over 10,000 radon monitors placed
  • Over 500 PII ESA projects
  • Over 2,850 PI ESA projects
  • Over 900 asbestos inspections and reports
  • Over 40 clean-up and remediation projects
  • Various mine site characterization and reclamation projects

Here is a short list of larger projects E-Quest has completed:

Phase I ESA - Olympic National Park

Completed separate Phase I ESAs on five (5) scattered in-holding purchase locations. The sites were many miles apart and some could only be accessed cross-country using GPS to identify the precise locations. The work was completed within 30 days. This work was part of the process allowing purchase of the in-holding parcels by the National Park Service.

Phase I ESAs – Car Wash Express

Completed separate PI ESAs on six (6) modern car wash facilities at locations from Aurora to Grand Junction. The work was completed within 7 days. This work was part of the process allowing purchase of the facilities as a group by a new owner.

Phase I ESA - Gilman Mine Superfund Site

This project was performed for the Resolution Trust Corporation on a property of greater than 1,200 acres in the mountains of central Colorado. The abandoned New Jersey Zinc mine had operated for more than 100 years with 23 levels. Environmental concerns included a high volume of mine drainage water containing heavy metals and other contaminants. There had also been a smelter on-site with potential for lead contamination. In addition, there was an abandoned company mining town complete with an analytical laboratory. Concerns included asbestos, lab chemicals, open shafts, inclines and portals. I successfully completed the PI ESA within 3 weeks.

Phase II ESA - Fort Carson, Colorado Radon Testing

Since 2000 I have been a primary provider of radon testing and radon laboratory testing for Fort Carson, Colorado. I am directed by DECAM and paid by the U.S. Army. I have, during that time, placed or tested thousands of E-Perm radon test devices.

Phase II ESA - Rose Cleaners Shopping Center Site, Denver, Colorado

Working for Loup Property Management, I tested soils and groundwater over a multi-acre site for dry cleaning solvent contamination. I characterized the level and extent of contamination, monitored the site for the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) for three (3) years and received a final closure from CDPHE.

Cleanup - Superstition Springs, Arizona

Contracted by the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), I removed over 6,500 cubic yards of toxifin-contaminated soils and disposed of these materials at an approved landfill about 100 miles away. The work was completed in three (3) weeks at a cost several hundred thousand below the RTC project cost estimate.

Mine Smelter Tailings Characterization and Cleanup - Manitou Springs, Colorado

Contracted by a private property owner who wanted to develop a site that had buried RCRA-8 metal contamination, I designed and managed planning, drilling, soil and water testing, excavation and removal of contaminated soils, and final site closure approval under the Colorado Voluntary Cleanup Program. This was the second site closed under that new program.

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